VFS has combined its experience in portfolio management and fund administration to great effect in order to provide a comprehensive package of AIFM services for new and existing clients. Our goal as AIFM is to incorporate your existing fund operation into an AIFMD compliant framework as seamlessly as possible. To achieve this goal we offer the following services;

Portfolio Management

VFS has a dedicated investment team with more than 15 years experience in this field. This core AIFM function can be tailored to suit the investment style and structure of every fund and includes but is not limited to;

  • Setting investment policy and strategy
  • Generating investment decisions
  • Transmission & recording of orders
  • Reconciliation and reporting

Risk Management

Our risk management department is functionally and hierarchically segregated from the other core areas of the business in order to afford the greatest degree of independence. Our risk management services include;

  • Establishing and monitoring risk profiles and limits
  • Identification & measurement of risks
  • Liquidity management
  • Scenario analysis & back-testing of risk metrics

Marketing & Passporting

For many fund managers, the most crucial advantage of opting into the AIFM regime, is the ability to market and promote their funds across the EU. VFS can process passporting notifications and coordinate the marketing of the AIF across EU jurisdictions as well as supervise any independent introducers contracted to promote the fund.


An AIFM is responsible for valuing the assets of the AIFs it services. VFS can either provide this function in-house under its fund administration services or delegate it to a regulated third party fund administrator. In the latter case, VFS is required to supervise the delegate in accordance with the requirements of the AIFM Directive.

Reporting & Compliance

The AIFM regime has introduced a rigid reporting process in order to mitigate systematic risk and create greater transparency in the funds industry. As AIFM, VFS is responsible for reporting to the local regulator on a periodic basis and ensuring that reporting obligations towards investors are fulfilled. Furthermore, our compliance department will leverage on their many years of experience to ensure that all regulatory obligations under AIFMD are complied with.

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